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Use of Alma

Alma is an independent company of Chantal B.

Alma is a secure solution to make your payments in several times.
Contact :

Purchase tunnel

Our payment solutions simply integrate into your purchase tunnel. Alma appears as an additional payment option in terms of your checkout:


Choice of payment means and reminder of the schedule

When your customer chooses to pay in several times with Alma on the payment page, his schedule is presented to him, and he only has to enter his bank card contact details to finalize the payment:


In a few seconds, he received a response from Alma concerning his payment request in several times.

accepted payment

Thanks to our algorithms trained in several tens of millions of transactions, Alma is able to anticipate the risk of defect and fraud, while having a rate of acceptance close to 95%.

In the vast majority of cases, payment is therefore accepted without reservation and the schedule is triggered. The Customer will receive your potential order confirmation email, as well as its payment schedule sent by Alma including all the details of its staggered payment. He will be notified again by email 96 hours before each new flow.

After payment

The payment confirmation email received by your customer includes a link to their Alma schedule to consult and manage its deadlines. From this online schedule, he can pay his deadlines in advance, download a receipt and update his card. This email also transmits the privacy policy and the conditions of use of Alma.

Additional options

In rare cases, Alma is unable to accept the payment request in several times without further information. Alma directs the user to a specific online customer journey in order to maximize acceptance, without increasing the risk of fraud for the merchant.


Confirmation email

Once the payment has been validated, the Customer receives a confirmation email including a link to their Alma schedule to consult and manage its deadlines. Since this online schedule, he can pay his deadlines in advance, download a receipt, update his card and access the Privacy Policy and the Conditions of use of Alma.


Reminder of deadlines

3 days before each deadline, the customer receives an email reminding him of the date of debit of the maturity. In the email, the customer can again access his schedule or change his bank card. If he is not able to pay, we inform him that he can contact our support.



After each levy, the customer receives a confirmation email with his attachment receipt. When the last deadline has been paid, it is indicated that payment is finalized.


Shift a deadline

Upstream of a deadline or in the event of late payment, Alma offers the consumer to shift their 15 -day deadline, in 1 click and without additional costs. This feature is accessible directly from its timetable.

If your customer needs to shift his deadline for more than 15 days, we offer him to send an email to


Give more information

In the event that our algorithms could not validate the payment directly, Alma asks the customer to transmit more information. This information will be analyzed by Alma again and will give rise to a new, instantaneous decision on payment.

If you wish to offer this option, three types of information may then be asked for your customer, depending on their risk profile:

  1. The verification of your phone number: Alma sends a single verification code via SMS to the customer's phone number.


  1. The verification of his identity document, in order to minimize the risk of fraud. Alma works hand in hand with Idcheck, an online identity verification company, in order to secure our transactions while retaining the best experience for customers.


  1. Access to its banking movements of the last three months, in order to minimize the risk of defect. Alma works with a secure partner (Insight budget) to confirm to your customer that his resources will allow him to reimburse the payment.


At this stage, mention of our use of banking information is mentioned. Alma is transparent with its users and seriousness in the processing of their data: Alma is approved by the Banque de France, as is our partner Insight Budget.

The challenge is triple: (i) explain, (ii) reassure and (iii) keep the best possible conversion rate for customers to which Alma could not give an answer in the first place.



At this point, the customer retains the possibility of paying at one time. If he chooses payment in one go, Alma takes the total amount of her basket (without payment charges) from her bank card and her order is validated.


The customer can also access more information via the "How does it work?" Section.

Once he has agreed to connect his banking information, the Customer can then connect to his bank via his banking identifiers, and agree to transmit his history of banking operations to Alma for the last 3 months in 1 click.


Once this last operation carried out, payment can finally be accepted and the order validated with the merchant.


If Alma is still unable to accept payment in several times (less than 5% of payments), the customer is informed by the intermediary of a last screen which leaves him the possibility of paying his order in Only once.


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