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Privacy Policy and Personal Data Management of the site

The terms, "we", "our" and "our" refer to Chantal B, a simplified stock company with the capital of 10000 € whose head office is located 1 Avenue de l'Argility - Zac Saint-André - 13016 Marseille, France, RCS Marseille 753 610 781.

"The site", "sites", "our site", or "our sites" refer to any document or online communication support Property of Chantal B and accessible via the addresseshttp://www.chantal-b.comhttp: //chantal-b.comhttps://www.chantal-b.comand or

The terms "you", "your" and "your" will relate to the user who sails on the French site of Chantal B.

As part of the use of the site, Chantal B is likely to collect certain personal information about you. Due to its fundamental obligations, Chantal B undertakes to preserve confidentiality and implement an adequate level of protection of personal data collected online from users, in accordance with theGeneral Data Protection Regulations (RGDP)Regulation (EU) 2016/679 of the European Parliament and of the Council of 27 April 2016, relating to the protection of natural persons with respect to the processing of personal data and the free movement of these data.

In general, we seek to collect only the personal data transmitted voluntarily by users of our sites, to provide them with information and / or services, or to provide them with information about job offers within of Chantal B.

Before using the site, we thank you for consulting this online data confidentiality policy to learn more about how Chantal B collects, uses, shares and protects your personal data.

If you do not want Chantal B collect your data under the terms of this Privacy Policy, we inform you that we can not guarantee the proper functioning of the site, and will not be able to answer some of your requests.

We reserve the right to modify this Privacy Policy at any time. And therefore we invite you to regularly consult this Privacy Policy to ensure that you are aware of any modification and how your data can be exploited.

1. Collection and use of personal data

1.1. What personal data collects us?

We treat your personal data only when you decide to communicate to us, for example when you register on our site to benefit from certain services. In some cases, it is also possible that you have previously provided personal data about Chantal B (for example, if you are a client, or former employee).

When you decide to register or connect to Chantal B sites using a unique third-party service that authenticates your identity and connects your social networking identifiers (such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Google or Twitter) on the site From Chantal B, we collect from the provider of the social network the data and content necessary for the registration or connection you have authorized, such as your name and your e-mail address.

The other data we collect depend on the confidentiality settings you have defined from your social network provider, and we invite you to consult the privacy policy for the service concerned.

By registering and / or providing personal data to Chantal B, you also agree to use this personal data in accordance with this Privacy Policy.

We do not use your personal data for other purposes, except for express consent from you, or if the law or professional standards authorize or require it. For example, if you register on a Chantal B site and provide data on your preferences, we will use them to customize your user experience.

If you sign up or connect using a unique third-party authentication service, we will also be able to identify yourself as a single user on all devices you use, to customize your experience of use on all others Chantal B sites that you are viewing.

If you have sent your curriculum vitae (CV) to apply online to a job offer at Chantal B, we will use the personal data you have provided to study your application and / or offer you offers from Jobs at Chantal B corresponding to your profile.

In some cases, when you sign up for certain services, we are likely to temporarily maintain your e-mail address, until the confirmation of the information you have provided by e-mail (ie , when we send an e-mail to the address communicated when you register to confirm your voluntary membership in the service or the communication media concerned).

1.2. The legal fundamentals applicable to the treatments of your personal data

In general, Chantal B collects only the personal data that is needed to meet your requests.

When we seek additional optional data, you are informed at the time of collection. The General Data Protection Regulations allows us to deal with personal data, subject to justifying a legal basis for doing so. We are also required to indicate the nature of it.

Therefore, when we treat your personal data, we will support one of the following legal bases:

Execution of a contract: When the processing of your personal information is necessary to fulfill our obligations under a contract to which you are a party.

Obligations imposed by law: When we are required to process your personal data to comply with a legal obligation, particularly for archiving purposes so as to comply with our tax obligations, or the communication of information to a public body or authority. 'law application.

Legitimate interests: We will deal with your personal data if it is in our legitimate interest in doing so, in order to better manage the affairs of our company in accordance with the law, and to the extent that this interest does not take off your own interests.

Your consent: In some cases, we will ask you for a specific authorization to treat some of your personal information, and we will treat them only for the purposes to which you have granted. You have the option of removing your consent at any time by contacting the coordinates of Chantal B data protection delegate (

The "legitimate interests" referred to above include but are not limited to the following activities:

• provide information and / or services to visitors to our sites or provide information on job opportunities;

• Process, and manage your order and tracking as well as after-sales service;

• ensure the creation of your account and the management of your identification and authentication;

• meet your requests or comments through the site contact form or by a link giving rise to any other type of contact (e-mail, telephone, application, etc.);

• Facilitate the use of the site and customize the user's website and our products according to your interests and needs, and thus enhance the improvement, the optimization of ergonomics and the effectiveness of the site;

• realize (anonymously) statistics on site activity, particularly in the context of study of satisfaction and assessing the quality of our services;

• For a promotional or commercial communication, contact you about products and services that may interest you, provided you have given you your prior consent or that you have previously ordered a similar product or service on the site;

• ensure the management of site security;

• Transfer data to Chantal B and any other entities controlled directly or indirectly by Chantal B - within the meaning of Article L.233-3 of the Code of Commercial, and / or the Trade Partners of Chantal B, for the purpose of improving our Knowledge of your preferences and send you promotional messages in line with your expectations, provided you have given your prior consent.

• prevent fraud or criminal activity and ensure the safeguarding of our computer systems;

• achieve and measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities;

• fulfill our corporate social responsibility obligations.

• Exercise our fundamental rights within the European Union, in accordance with Articles 16 and 17 of the Charter of Fundamental Rights, including our freedom to undertake and our right of ownership.

In some cases, and provided that this is expressly expected or authorized by law, the personal data we collect may include special categories of data, such as information relating to diversity (including information concerning the breed, the Ethnicity, religious beliefs and similar signs of similar belonging, union membership and data on sexual life or sexual orientation of a natural person), health data or data on offenses.

2. Automatic collection of personal data

In some cases, Chantal B and its service providers use cookies, web tags and other technologies to automatically collect certain types of data when viewing our sites online, and as part of the emails that we are likely to 'to exchange. Collection of this data allows us to customize your online experience, improve the performance, ergonomics and effectiveness of Chantal B's online presence, and measure the effectiveness of our marketing activities.

2.1. IP addresses

An IP address is an address assigned to your computer each time you access the Internet. This allows computers and servers to recognize each other and communicate with each other. The original IP addresses of our visitors are likely to be collected for the safety and diagnosis of computer systems. We can also use these aggregated data to analyze the trends and performance of our sites.

2.2. Cookies

Cookies are small text files (most often composed of letters and numbers), stored in your browser's memory or device when you visit a website or see a message.

They allow a website to recognize the browser or the device. Like most websites, Chantal B uses technologies, mostly, through small data files recorded on your device that allow us to record certain information when you visit or use our site.

2.2.1. Types of cookies

There are several types of cookies:

• Thesession cookies: they expire at the closing of the browser and allow us to link your actions during this particular session,
• Thepersistent cookies: they are stored on your device between navigation sessions and allow us to memorize your preferences or actions on multiple sites,
• Theowner cookiesS: They are issued by the site you visit,
• Thethird party cookies: They are issued by a third party site, distinct from the site you visit.

2.2.2. Cookie Policy

When you visit or use our sites, Chantal B or its partner service providers can use cookies or any other data tracing / automatic data collection technology to store information to provide you with improved, faster and more experience. secure.

We are likely to record cookies on your computer or device connected when you view our online sites. This allows the site to memorize your computer or device, and thus allow cookies to fulfill several objectives.

Some of our sites display an information banner that requires your consent to the collection of cookies. In case of refusal, we will not be able to follow your computer or device connected for marketing purposes.

However, a second type of cookies, "user input" cookies, remains necessary for the execution of certain features. The information banner does not allow them to block them. Your decision is recorded in a cookie kept for 90 days.

You can revoke your choice at any time by erasing cookies from your browser. If most browsers automatically accept cookies, you can decide whether to accept them or not by setting your browser (most often in the Browser Tools or Preferences menu). You can also delete at any time the cookies of your devices.

However, you must understand that if you refuse cookies, you will not be able to take full advantage of certain features of our sites. You can find more information about cookies management in the Help tab of your browser and some sites

This Cookie Policy aims to help you better understand these technologies and the use we make.

2.2.3. Function of cookies

You will find below a list of types of cookies used on our sites:

Our cookies have different functions. They can :

• be necessary for the operation of our services,

• help us improve our performance,

• offer you additional features,

• Help us offer relevant and targeted advertisements.

We use cookies or any other similar tracing technology that remain on your device only during the opening of your browser (session cookies), and cookies or any other similar technology that remain on your device for a longer period (cookies) persistent).

2.2.4. Cookies issued by Chantal B

Chantal B emits session cookies, strictly necessary for the proper functioning of the site and your navigation on the latter.

Chantal B also emits persistent cookies to memorize your language, your time zone and your other preferences.

2.2.5. Third party cookies

We can use other third-party tools and widgets on our different web pages to provide you with additional features. If you use these tools and widgets, cookies can be saved on your device to facilitate the use of these services and ensure the proper display of your interactions on our web pages.

These cookies do not allow us to get your e-mail address or you personally identify yourself. Our analytical reports allow us to obtain other identifiers, such as IP addresses, but only in order to determine the number of unique visitors of our sites as well as the geographical trends of these visitors, and not to identify Individual visitors.

When you navigate our sites or enter your credentials to access restricted spaces to registered users, you agree that we can save these cookies on your computer or connected device.

2.2.6. Analytical cookies

Chantal B can use cookies or tracers to assess site performance, applications, services and tools, including analytical practices, to help them understand how visitors use the site, to determine if You have interacted with its messaging, to detect if you have consulted a product or link or improve the content of its site, applications, services or tools.

Chantal B uses Google Analytics services for navigation behaviors analysis. For more information about using the data collected by Google Analytics, we invite you to consult the following page:

Chantal B uses hotjar services for the analysis of navigation behaviors. For more information about using the data collected by Hotjar, we invite you to consult the following page:

Chantal B uses DoubleClick (Google property) as an advertisement platform displayed on external media online. DoubleClick automates the advertisement process and secures the advertising space based on the criteria specified by Norda. This means that Norda's external advertising will be personalized and therefore more attractive to the viewer. For more information about using data collected by DoubleClick, we invite you to consult the following page:

In addition, Chantal B can transfer some of your personal data outside the EEA to external companies working with us or for our account, for the purposes set out in this online confidentiality policy.

We are likely to transmit personal data to the countries listed below, where companies or companies affiliated with Chantal B, Chantal B IT service providers, or data processing centers of Chantal B sites:

• Ireland

• United States

• Germany

• UK

• Canada

• India

• Madagascar

• Ukraine

In this case, your personal data will continue to be protected under contracts that we have with these organizations outside the EEA, which contain standard data protection clauses whose wording is approved by the European Commission.

Cookie's name Cookie issued by LIFETIME
Anid 8 months
Consent 24 months
1P_JAR 3 months
1P_JAR 3 months
Dsid 2 days
IDE 8 months
_hjid 8 months
_fbp 2 months
_hjptid Session
_Beame_user_id_zeklgqli17986 8 months
Consent 24 months


2.2.7. Social Networking Cookies

Chantal B services can include third-party applications to offer you the opportunity to share content on social networks.

For more information about cookies issued by social networks, we invite you to consult the following pages: ; ;

Cookie's name Cookie issued by LIFETIME
Fr 3 months
act Session
spin 1 day
SB 24 months
cppo 1 day


2.2.8. How to manage the deposit and reading cookies?

Some features of the site, services, applications and tools are available only through these cookies or tracers.

You can block, delete or disable these technologies if your browser or device allows it.

However, the refusal to use these technologies may result in the unavailability of certain features of the site, certain services, applications or tools. It may also be asked to enter your password more frequently during your navigation session if the use of the site requires the creation of a user account.

For more information on blocking, deleting or deactivating these technologies, see your browser or device settings.

Cookies or tracers can be deactivated or deleted using tools available in most browsers. To the extent that each browser offers different features and options, the preferences of each of the browsers you use will have to be set separately.

Here's how to control or prevent the recording of cookies or tracers:

If you use the Internet Explore ™ browser

  1. In Internet Explorer, click the Tools button, and then click Internet Options, and click the "Privacy" tab and the "Advanced" button to display the "Advanced Privacy Settings" window.
  2. Then check the "Ignore automatic cookie management" checkbox and then select "Refuse" in the "Third Party Cookies" column.

If you use the Firefox ™ browser

  1. Go to the "Tools" tab of the browser and select the "Options" menu
  2. In the window that appears, choose the "Privacy" tab and set the "Storage Rules" menu by choosing "Use custom settings for history".
  3. In the menu, you can choose to uncheck the "Accept Cookies" box or, choose "Never" on the drop-down menu entitled "Accept Third Cookies".
  4. You can also, by clicking on "Show Cookies", locate the files that contain the name "Chantal B", select them and and delete.

If you use the Safari ™ browser

  1. In your browser, choose the "Edit" menu and "Preferences".
  2. Click on "Security".
  3. Click on "Show Cookies".
  4. Select the cookies that contain the name "Chantal B" and click "Clear" or "Clear All".
  5. After deleting cookies, click on "Completed".

If you use the Google Chrome ™ browser

  1. Click the Settings menu icon and click "Show Advanced Settings" (at the bottom of the page).
  2. Then click the "Content Settings" button and check the "Block Cookies and Third Site Data" checkbox and click "OK" to validate your choice.
  3. You can also click on "Show all cookies and site data", then perform a search from the words "Chantal B" in the search bar at the top right. You can then choose the cookies that you want to delete or click on "All Delete".

If you use the OPERA ™ browser

  1. Open the "Tools" or "Settings" menu;
  2. Select "Delete Private Data";
  3. Click the "Detailed Option" tab
  4. Choose the desired options or follow this link:

2.3. Web tags

A web tag is a small image file of a web page that can be used to collect certain data from your computer, such as the IP address, the content view time, the type of browser and the existence of previously recorded cookies. by the same server. Chantal B only uses web tags in accordance with applicable law.

Chantal B or its providers are likely to use web tags to control the effectiveness of third party sites providing recruitment or marketing services, or to collect aggregated statistics on visitors and manage cookies.

You have the possibility to make some unusable tags by refusing cookies. The web beacon will still record an anonymous tour of your IP address, but no data cookie will be recorded.

For some newsletters and other communications, we are likely to control the actions of the recipients, such as the opening rate of emails, using integrated links in the messages. We collect this data to assess interest in our communications and improve subsequent use experiences.

2.4. Geolocated tools

Chantal B is likely to collect and use data on the geographic location of your computer or mobile device. These location data are collected to provide you with information on services that may be of interest to you and to improve our geolocated products and services.

2.5. Widgets and applications of social networks

Chantal B sites can include features that improve sharing by third-party networking applications, as the Facebook button or the Twitter widget. These social networking applications are likely to collect and use data on your use of Chantal B sites (for more information, please refer to the "Sharing Social Networking" section of the Cookie Table CI- above).

The personal data you provide through these social networking applications are likely to be collected and used by other members of these applications. These interactions are governed by corporate data protection policies providing application. We do not exercise any liability for the use of your data by these companies.

In addition, the site of Chantal B can host a blog, a forum, applications and collaborative financing services (hereinafter collectively "social networking features"). These social networking features aim to facilitate knowledge sharing and content.

The personal data you provide through the social networking features of Chantal B are likely to be shared with other users of these features (unless otherwise indicated at the collection point), on which we do not exercise any control or only limited control.

3. Sharing and transfer of personal data

3.1. Transfer within Chantal B entities

We share your personal data between Chantal B entities as part of international commitments or when it is desirable to meet our legal and regulatory obligations around the world.

Other parts of Chantal B are also used to provide us with services, for example, we host and manage computer applications, and provide certain forms of insurance to member companies and their customers, we carry out conflict controls with the customers and controls for the fight against money laundering, with customer engagement services and as needed to continue to direct the business of Chantal B.

3.2. Transfer to third parties

We do not share any personal data with non-affiliated third parties, unless necessary for our legitimate professional and commercial interests, to process your applications and / or if the law or professional standards authorize it or require it.

In addition, Chantal B can transfer some of your personal data outside the EEA to external companies working with us or for our account, for the purposes set out in this online confidentiality policy. We are likely to transmit personal data to the following countries. In this case, your personal data will continue to be protected under contracts that we have with these organizations outside the EEA, which contain standard data protection clauses whose wording is approved by the European Commission.

Chantal B will not transfer your personal personal data to third parties likely to use them for commercial prospecting purposes, within the basis of the knowledge of its practices and the transparency of the entities concerned.

4. Consent

In general, it is not asked to provide online personal data through the websites of Chantal B, we are however likely to ask you to provide some personal data to provide you with additional information about our services and events.

Chantal B can also request your consent to certain uses of your personal data, which you can choose to give or refuse.

If you request specific services or communications, such as e-newsletters, you can unsubscribe at any time by following the instructions in each communication.

If you decide to unsubscribe from a service or a communication, we will care to erase your data quickly, but we are likely to need additional information before you can process your request.

As mentioned in the "Cookies" section above (§ 2.4.), If you do not want cookies to trace your navigation on our sites, you can set your browser to refuse all cookies, or to report to you. 'sending a cookie. However, you must understand that some parts of our site may not work properly if you choose to refuse cookies.

5. Your rights

If Chantal B processes your personal data, you have the following rights:

Access and rectification: You have the right to access your data ("Request for the right of access"). If we respond favorably to your request, we will communicate to you for free the personal data concerning you. Prior to this, we are entitled to ask you proof of identity and some relevant information about the relationship you maintain with us, so as to locate your personal data. If the information we have towards you are inaccurate, you have the right to ask ourselves to rectify them.

Opposition to treatment: You have the right to oppose that we draw your personal data for legitimate reasons.

Other rightsIn addition, you have the right to delete your personal data, limit their processing in certain circumstances and / or obtain a copy of the personal data we hold in a structured electronic format (portability).

You can exercise these rights by contacting Chantal B Data Protection Delegate (dpo@chantal-b.comAnd we will seek to respond to your request, provided that it is in accordance with applicable professional laws and standards.

6. Security and integrity

Chantal B has put in place reasonable safety procedures and policies to protect personal data from abuse, loss, alteration or unauthorized destruction.

Despite all the efforts implemented by Chantal B, absolute protection against all threats can not be made. We strive to ensure that access to your personal data is limited to the only people needed to read it. People with access to data are required to treat them confidentially.

The data retention period depends both on their nature and the specific circumstances that led us to collect them. However, we make sure to keep the personal data:

  1. Only for the duration necessary for the processing of your requests - or - until you explicitly request the erasure of personal data collected on our sites;
  2. Only in the context of the legal, regulatory or professional obligations that are required to us;

7. Links to other sites

When you register at one of Chantal B sites, then navigate to another Chantal B site without disconnecting, you accept the use of your personal data in accordance with Chantal B Online Data Codes Policy as you Consult.


Chantal B has the possibility of modifying this confidentiality policy of online data periodically to reflect the evolution of our practices in this area.

When we modify this online data confidential policy, we also change the date of "last update" at the bottom of this page.

Any changes in the way we treat personal data as described in this online data confidentiality policy will be communicated to you by an appropriate means, depending on how we usually communicate with you.

We invite you to regularly consult this online data confidentiality policy to be informed about how Chantal B protects your data.

9. Issues relating to privacy policy and its application

Chantal B is committed to protecting your personal data online. For any comments, question or claim concerning the management of your personal data, please contact us at the

You can also use this address to share your questions regarding compliance with this information privacy statement.

We have the option of accepting your claim (in which case we will implement one of the measures mentioned in the "Your Rights" section above) or refuse to follow up for legitimate reasons.

In all assumptions, you have the option of lodging a complaint with the CNIL (National Commission for Informatics and Freedoms,

Last updated of this Privacy Policy: July 14, 2020.


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