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The little story of Chantal B

Marseille is a city that I particularly like. During my journeys in the Phocian city, I noticed a brand that goes up ... which goes up! Unknown elsewhere than in the southeast, I wear Chantal B for 3 years, with lots of compliments at the key when I'm on the Basque coast, Paris or Lyon. How many times, I heard: "But where did you find that? "," Your tunic is a pure beauty, pretty wonder "... or when you swing a" I love your thing! I quickly understood that I had discovered a nugget in #mode!

Chantal B is very local colors (with beautiful Maltese origins), Mediterranean and Mistral shot; All sprinkled with southern accent, flashy colors and especially a very bohemian mind, as we like! Stunning floods, top series with nice inscriptions on the chest, everything is beautiful (& Boho!) Chez Chantal B.


We quickly become hungry!

Chantal B, mother of 3 great children, goes to a "second life" after his first job in the hospital environment. She becomes creative, businesswoman, and fan of beautiful materials and lines that are both practical and elegant, she throws her claw in the image of the woman, all women. She heals the cuts, and gives each piece a look good to her. "A scorpion that never does nothing half" like it likes to say it! Lin, with light cotton, sails with pretty lace, with good quality sweatshirt, sophisticated denim or cotton canvases ...

Each garment is created with for Leitmotiv Comfort and Style; The real ... The big! Very noticed on social networks, the brand's overalls are the flagship products of the season, light and both sophisticated. A basic that we arractor!

We love his tunics with patterns in the back, very branch, with painted cactus or starfed and golden star. The rolled tee-shirts collection is also a perfect success. In the air, adopt the pineapple, frida or the pretty flowery death head to wear with his jog 'Baggy, master piece of the Chantal B collection (declined in several colors). Fan of "Rose Shocking, Fluo Limit", Gray or Navy Blue A little faded, there is also in Bermuda comfort.

Awesome, they make a crazy look, worn with converses!❤

And if I told you about my Tote Bag? You know, the one with the star ⭐ "so chic" and the signature Chantal B in flashy pink that I wear constantly, and that rerucled 1 gonsese on 2 !!! ... I poster it proudly for the little pub. He does not leave me anymore, and I can even monitor him at the beach so he is coveted!

Italian manufacturing, the Chantal B line is ephemeral. New models are monthly proposed, and nothing persists.

"Quick Collections" who get fucked, and who give the tone! Capsules, fast, efficient, which can be carton at each exit.

Chantal B resellers rush and sell rare and almost unique pieces in a few confidential points of sales, and sometimes even on the net.

It is a very well thought out concept, which seduces a loyal clientele looking for moderate price clothes. Perfect to renew his dressing over the seasons without breaking his savings plan!

The rarity makes it exclusive, and we watch the moment!

It is certain to never see the model on "Mademoiselle everyone", far from the giants of the distribution to the Primark, H & M or Zara, and frankly I love this exclusivity in mode! Always wear what others do not have!

Crazy success for this young bold brand that sticks me to the skin. From the chic hippie like anywhere, a lightness of style and many emotions in the colors, and the choice of materials.❤ I am a fan!

Attack, accessible, inventive it's Chantal B!

Always with the word that's fine, Chantal B is a woman of contact. I think it works a lot to affect and feeling. ☮ Chantal B ⭐ offers his joie de vivre, ❤ And creates by bringing cheerfulness & glamor ⭐ Is it not his motto?!

Chantal B is an adorable passionate, with a creative spirit in the service of style! She loves her clients, and plays with colors and trends for our greatest happiness.

Taste, experience in textiles and a lot of imagination make this young creator a character who dares!

Yes ! I would like to have everything, in my wardrobe, at each collection. I fund and will not dress me in Chantal B.

Chantal B becomes an icon of "easy to live & to wear" ... came into it, and I plunge everything.

HA! I forgot something, if you have the happiness of spotting his maxi "rosaries necklaces" of wooden pearls, certain that you crash!

"With love" ... as she says!


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